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You want to experience the thrill of acceleration; your company needs funding and talent to reach the next milestone. Contact us if you meet the following criteria.

  • Medical device, diagnostic, software application or focused IT solution for some aspect of the healthcare marketplace. Select service companies may also qualify if they constitute a unique platform for developing such products in emerging
  • Addressing an unmet need in a large market ($500M+), with a major value proposition
  • Potential business and financing plan that make sense for all involved
  • Stellar founders who are interested in working toward a successful exit and are able to work with a team of experts, and with reduced compensation expectations until breakeven

Available talent:

You have recently retired from a MedTech venture, you would like to be engaged with a start-up for 2 years or so, you want to be exposed to cool innovations that work, you think Sacramento is a region for outdoor living, wine and fun. Contact us to join our talent tool and become a task master if you meet the following criteria.

  • Substantial experience and success in achieving specific milestones to commercialization of medical technology, including product design, engineering, prototyping, intellectual property, project management, contract manufacturing, quality control, materials expertise, telehealth, regenerative medicine, molecular imaging, clinical trial design and management, FDA and/or CE Mark regulatory approvals, reimbursement, financial management, operations, business development, sales and marketing, fundraising, etc.
  • Interested in working with start-up projects that may pay in whole or in part in stock options
  • Willing to work for milestone based compensation
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