How we do it ($ and talent)

How we do it (A = F / M)

More progress in product development and commercialization must be made faster, for less money: MedTech startups must be accelerated.


We accelerate by clearly defining the milestones to exit, identifying the talent to achieve those milestones, assembling budget, task lists and Gantt Chart, relying on network of experts who will work in part for options, paying for milestones, not lifestyles. Tasks are pared back, talent is amplified, to reduce Time and Money required, delivering value to Founders and Investors.

To accelerate, we apply Newton’s Second Law of Mechanics: A = F / M: Acceleration equals Force divided by Mass, where the Mass consists of the tasks and milestones to be achieved to exit, and the Force we can deploy is the money and talent applied to the tasks. We accelerate by limiting and staging the tasks to reduce the mass wherever possible, reducing it to the bare essentials. If Force is the talent and money applied during a defined amount of time, we seek to reduce time and money by leveraging talent.