Where we do it (Medtech in Sacramento)

Our location in the Sacramento region of Northern California puts us close to the University of California Davis and its health system UCDHS, with whom we maintain a strategic relationship, and near industry clusters in the larger Northern California region.

We know medical technologies and healthcare IT, we know the markets and we know the players. We look for companies in development stage with a clear path to FDA and some initial sales managed by a seasoned team with strong domain expertise.

Why Almond Tree Capital (ATC):
The Almond Tree, prunusamygdalus, is emblematic of our Sacramento region, the world’s largest almond production region. The Almond Tree figures positively in ancient cultures, its early blossoming marking the start of the agricultural year within some religious branches, biblically used to
symbolize early alertness, being wakeful while others sleep, and, in the blossoming of Aaron’s rod, a sign of being chosen. Almonds represent various blessings including prosperity in many traditional wedding celebrations. In brain anatomy, the Amygdala, dual areas of the brain named for their almond shape, are believed to play a crucial role in motivation, rapidly relating primary stimuli to appropriate somatic states in which to respond to them, so in this anatomical way the almond also symbolizes our role of helping the med tech start-up respond appropriately and in accelerated fashion to the opportunities and threats each encounters.

Why MedForce:
As the business accelerator arm of ATC, MedForce represents the consulting/execution force that needs to be applied to the list of tasks needed to complete specific growth milestones. MedForce implies the exertion of talent and money to achieve the efficiency and desire velocity within a specific timeframe.